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Located between Big Mountain and Small Mountain, Bai Truoc beach (Front Beach) is one of the most beautiful beaches and attracts most tourists in Vung Tau. This place not only owns the beautiful natural scenery but also the convergence of many famous architectural works. Especially, with its location right in the heart of the city, Front Beach also offers visitors an exciting nightlife experience. Some information about Front Beach that Vung Tau Beach Travel Guide would like to share with you.

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About Vung Tau Front Beach
Compared to many other beaches in Vung Tau, Bai Truoc is not only an ideal location but also has outstanding scenery. Located between two majestic mountains, Small Mountain and Big Mountain, the green light (also known as the Hang Hai light) to the Rock Bridge, Front Beach creates a beautiful arc. From above look down, it is like a ” Crescent moon ” embracing the deep blue waters.

Previously, Front Beach is the anchorage of fishing boats, so tourists are afraid to take a bath. But now, with the efforts of local authorities, the area has become more open, sea water is greener and regains its position as one of the most famous tourist spots in Vung Tau.

Along the bow-shaped beach, visitors will see high coconut dreaming. That’s why this area is called Coconut Line (Hang Dua). But as time passes, people grow more trees such as willow, yang, flowers, eucalyptus … so the name Coconut Line is also rarely used.

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Hon Nguu Island is located out of the Front Beach, is considered a wonder of the city. Many visitors often come here for photo shoots, walks and hikers. However, there are many rocks in this area, so you should not swim here.

Located right in the center of Vung Tau City, Front Beach is home to many restaurants, hotels, high-end resorts, entertainment areas … In addition, most of the roads in the city of Vung Tau face the beach so visitors are easy to move.

Interesting experiences in Vung Tau Front Beach
Among them, Bach Dinh (White Palace) is located on Tran Phu, South Mountain is one of the tourist attractions. With a beautiful view of Front Beach, this former resort was the resort of Indochinese Governor-General, Emperor Bao Dai, the President of the Republic of Vietnam and the place where Thanh Thai was detained from 1907-1912. . Today, despite being used as a museum, Bach Dinh remains unchanged in architecture as well as the surrounding landscape, especially the small forest with beautiful porcelain.

After visiting Bach Dinh, visitors can explore the traces of Fortress Phuoc Thang where Tran Dong met with the French-Spanish coalition in 1959. Or you can also buy cable car tickets to visit Big Mountain. From the cable car overlooking the panorama of beautiful sea city with gorgeous sandy shoreline embracing the blue sea, coconut trees, white villas stand out among the green trees and the statue of Jesus Christ on the Little Mountain top.

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In the afternoon, you can rent a double bike and then walk around the beach with your lover in the shimmering setting as the sun begins to descend into the sea. The sunset at Bai Truoc beach is beautifully assessed, so Tam Duong beach also means to find the sun. Guests can find a cool location on the beach or park Front Beach to admire this impressive moment.

The sun is out of form as the Beach Front began a new rhythm. For many, this is the most attractive place in Vung Tau. Along the coastal road Quang Trung, the sparkling light merging into the sparkle of the park, far away is the flashing light of boats anchored on the sea to create a virtual scene.

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