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Vung Tau city is known for its many beautiful unspoiled beaches as Bai Truoc Beach, Bai Sau Beach, Dua (Pineapple) Beach, Vong Nguyet Beach, Dau Beach, Chi Linh Beach,… In particular, Dua Beach (Pineapple Beach), also known as Bai Lang Du Beach is located beside the coastal road of Vung Tau is one of the beaches attracting the most tourists in the coastal city. Some information about Bai Dua that tourists book tours Vung Tau – Bai Dua should consult before starting the journey.

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About Pineapple Beach

Pineapple Beach is located in the middle of Bai Truoc and Bai Sau, west of Little Mountain, near the Nghinh Phong cape. According to documents, the reason why this area is called Pineapple Beach because previously, mountainside overhanging the beach there grow a lot of pandanus, an herb with spines, with scents like glutinous rice or rice she flavor.

Compared with other beaches in Vung Tau, Pineapple Beach is quite small area, only enough for about 20-30 people. But in return, the beach here is beautiful, airy and noisy, crowded. On the other hand, due to being shielded by the cliffs, Pineapple Beach does not have much big waves, which is suitable for families with small children or those who want to find quiet space.

Most of the features of Pineapple Beach is probably spread to the sea cliffs formed by the deep sea to the shore to eat, just created a charm to the beach, just discreet bathing make room for tourists to Vung Tau.
Although relatively small, the services in Bai Dai Beach is still not inferior to other beaches. Above the pineapple is the Resort and Café Lan Rung, one of the oldest and most famous resort in Vung Tau. In addition, there are also a number of guest houses, which are interwoven with ancient buildings above the mountain.

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From Bai Dua, visitors can easily move other famous sights of Vung Tau City such as the Statue of Christ, Relic Palace Thang Tam, Niet Ban Tinh Xa …

From the center of Vung Tau city, tourists move toward Ha Long road. Along the winding road along the beach, visitors will reach Pineapple Beach.

Interesting experiences at Pineapple Beach

Travel to Pineapple Beach, besides immersed in clear blue water, cool, visitors also experience many other interesting activities. One of the most interesting things to do is to wade through the many picturesque rocks on the beach to explore the diverse ecosystems here.

For those who like to learn about the cultural history, the visit of the ancient architecture in Pineapple Beach as Lang Ong Nam Hai – venue of festival on the full moon in August lunar relics Niet Ban Tinh Xa – one of the most beautiful temples in Vung Tau and the place where the statue of Lord Buddha entered Nirvana 12m long … is an interesting experience. Due to the location of the mountain, from these two locations, visitors can also view the panoramic view of Pineapple Beach and some other beautiful beaches in Vung Tau.

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Sunset on Bai Dua beach is the moment you should not miss. In the quiet space of the sunset, the long sunset dyed red sea and small fishing boats offshore. Just find a rocky ridge to enjoy the cool breeze and the magic moment, visitors will be like the discharge of worries, sorrows are surrounded in daily life.

Beautiful sunset on Pineapple Beach.

If more time, visitors take the family camping overnight at Pineapple Beach, leaned back on the sand soft and watching the stars in the chilly breeze and sound of the mother sea. Or go to Lan Rung coffee shop to enjoy a drink and watch the night sea. Then, in the morning wake up in the warm dawn, streaks of pink on the sea and familiar sound of the sea, visitors will not forget the journey to Bai Dua with lots of memories.

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