The Unique Running of the Bulls Festival in Myanmar

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In Myanmar, in addition to ancient temple temples or unique features in the city, have you ever experienced a unique and fierce festival? Let’s explore this special bull race festival in Myanmar with us!

Running of the Bulls Festival in Myanmar 1
Sitting on simple cars, cowboy athletes face the risk of lunging with bulls that are extremely excited.

Unlike many other bullfights held in muddy areas, there is water to minimize the risk and aggravation if an accident occurs. The bull race in Myanmar is organized on a regular land route.

Running of the Bulls Festival in Myanmar 2

The participants of the beaver ride sat in simple cars with two loaves designed to be as tall as the height of the bulls.

When racing, the operator usually lay down, holding two reins, shouting loudly and constantly, controlling the bulls running to the finish line. It is known that this unique bull race is an annual tradition of suburban people in Myanmar.

Running of the Bulls Festival in Myanmar 3

In Indonesia, Minangkabau people in West Sumatra also hold a bullfighting festival to celebrate the lush harvest at the end of the season.
However, the unique point is that Indonesian bullfighting takes place under muddy water and the driver holds the tail, even biting on the tail of the bull to control and speed up his bull.

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