Travel to Quang Binh, Discover the Stunning “Paradise”

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With emerald green waters and unspoiled scenery, Chay River and Nuoc Mooc stream is a brand-new name but extremely worth the experience this summer.

Travel to Quang Binh – Discover the Stunning “Paradise”

Recently, Quang Binh has become a new tourist destination for young people who love travelling. Unspoiled scenery, spectacular natural beauty, especially the events of King Kong crew filming up here have turned Quang Binh into a must-see place for those who are adventure travel enthusiasts.

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And if you’ve heard names like Mouse Cave, Yen Phu lake or Cha Noi valley – wherethe movie King Kong filming – then please write this into your bucket list – a brandnew, unspoiled place with breathtaking scenery, clear blue water which is not less beautiful than Jiuzhaigou or any otherfamous tourist destinations in the world. That is the Chay River, Nuoc Mooc stream and Dark caves.

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Chay River is originated from the limestone areas in Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park, so you will be hit with a beautiful jade green, like someone had poured all palette over the place. Along the waterfront are the fertile plains, dense rain forest with the existence of a multitude of wildlife.

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Nuoc Mooc stream is located on the 20 Trail Quyet Thang, of West Branch of the Ho Chi Minh Trail, 10km to the northwest of Phong Nha. Between the valleys of the limestone mountains, along the banks of the Chay River, Nuoc Mooc stream appears as a wild place in an adventure of the Discovery channel.

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Do you feel overwhelmed by the wild beauty of this place only via images alone, don’t you? Not only immersing in nature, but Chay River is also scores to adventurous tourists thanks to exciting adventure activities, such as zipline (a form of swing) to drop into the cool waters, taking water sport or kayaking.

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Take a boat along Chay River about 5 kilometers, you will reach the Dark cave – where stalactites flow over the two sides of the grotto, the inside is covered with a subtle green of the moss. Dark Caves is a branch of Phong Nha cave system, which was explored and named by the Royal British explorers. Surely, although exploring Dark caves probably will not adventurous like Phong Nha or Son Doong, it certainly would not less interesting.

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If you are not fond of adventurous games on the Chay River, you can enjoy your summer trip at around 16-18C degrees in Nuoc Mooc stream. The scenery and the weather here is extremely suitable for picnic with family and friends. Sitting between the cool water, with the streams and bird song everywhere – apparently the concerns of life will quickly disappear.

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And of course, this is a new travel destination, so you do not need to worry about the crowds or wild beauty. It is also in the protected area of famous Phong Nha Ke Bang.

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Do not be afraid to come here, if you do not like the adventure games or fear the absence of the amenities of modern resorts. Sitting in the huts, watching the peaceful surroundings, breathe fresh air is enough to turn your trip become wonderful then.

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