Top 8 Best Attractions in Clarke Quay, Singapore

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As one of the key tourist destinations in Singapore, Clarke Quay definitely enables tourists to admire and explore the rich culture and cuisine of Asia and Europe values.

Strolling along Singapore River

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Stretching along the charming 150 – year – old Singapore River, Clarke Quay promises to be an ideal destination for those who love indulging themselves into the cool and fresh breezes of the river. Significantly, Clarke Quay was once known as a poor fishing village, then, underwent steady development and renovation over time to become one of the busiest ports Singapore. The best way to explore the colonial architecture along the banks of the river is to book a river cruise tour. Traditionally, the journey begins at Clarke Quay and lasts half an hour with the cost of 4 SGD /adult and 4 SGD/ child. Noticeably, the dock opens from 9 a.m – 11 p.m every day.

Visiting Asian Civilisations Museum

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As one of the three major museums of Singapore tourism, belonging to the National Museum of Singapore, Asian Civilisations Museum displays a wealth of historical documents, mostly from East Asia, Southeast Asia and a part of West Asia. Additionally, the museum has captured the attention of visitors right they step on to it by the is the clever exhibition of artifacts and the richness of presentation that make it far more a spectacular history lesson.

Fort Canning Park

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Located near the bustling Orchard Boulevard shopping mall, behind Singapore National Museum, Fort Canning Park is a historic place, a venue for Arts performances, and also an ideal destination to immerse in the stunning nature. The park highly grasps the attention of visitors thanks to the artifacts and archaeological exhibitions such as Keramat Iskander Syah (the sacred tomb of a Malaysian King) and Fort Gate – a fort monument built in the 1860s, etc.

Adventuring experiences at G-Max Reverse Bungy

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If you are engrossed in adventuring experiences, you should definitely make a visit G-Max Reverse Bungy to enjoy great relaxation and indulge yourselves into the vast nature. Located right next to Clarke Quay, this game is the first of its kind in Singapore that enables you to experience the adventure of soaring into the sky at speeds up to 200 km / h at the height of 60 meters.

Experiencing “Lockdown Singapore” in a rainy day

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Lockdown Singapore attracts a significant number of tourists to Singapore because of its surprises and adventure. Taking part in this game, the participants will be taken to a locked room, then they have to work together to escape. Each room is provided with riddles of different levels, so if subjects can not solve the riddles, they can as ask the staff for more suggestions. This interesting game must be a great choice for family especially on rainy days. It is priced at 20 SGD per hour and you can go to the “The Central” shopping center in Clarke Quay to try this game.

Enjoy delicious foods at Boat Quay Party Boulevard

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Boat Quay must go in top “must – try” recreation centers in Singapore. It has captured the attention of tourists with the perfect combination of open – air restaurants, bars and luxury restaurants. Located near office buildings, Boat Quay is considered as a good destination for relaxation for the majority of the office workers and foreigners working in Singapore.

Visit Civil Defence Heritage Gallery

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Located in the Central Fire Station Center, Civil Defense Heritage Gallery displays the establishment and development of fire and emergency and civil defence forces in Singapore at the end of the 19th century. Get there, visitors have a chance to explore the development of fire engines and equipment over time, and experience real – life firefighting.

Hong San See Temple

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Having been built 5 years, from 1908 to 1913, Hong San See Temple was built by the Fujian community. The temple was originally located in Tras Street in Tanjong Pagar, then moved to Mohamed Sultan Street. Hong San See Temple is currently intertwining with the spiritual life of followers and worshippers of different nationalities. The temple is characterized by the in the traditional architectural style of pagodas in the South of China. The halls are exquisitely decorated with light reflecting the beauty of Chinese wood carvings.

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