Top 7 Tourist Destinations Maybe You Don’t Know

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We are nowadays living in the tourism Age. This means everyone can make plans for the holiday in any countries or favorite destinations. There are several famous places thanks to its stunning beauty, and there are unknown places but still attracting visitors by its pristine and wild beauty. Below is the list of fantastic places that you shouldn’t miss in your traveling.

1. Prambanan Temple, Indonesia

Prambanan Temple is located in the central Java, Indonesia and built at the site around 850CE with 50 meters high, including eight main buildings along with 250 small buildings surrounding. All the walls of the temple are carved so sophisticated, with the subject of Vishnu God – one of the leader gods of Hinduism, the Monkey God and the legend of other gods.

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2. Rila Monastery, Bulgari

Nestled in the beautiful mountain area of Rilla, Rila Monastery or Saint Ivan Monastery of Rila is considered the largest religious center in Bulgari. Nowadays it is the symbol faith of Bulgarian and is the place collecting many artworks with high values, especially exquisite frescoes in vibrant colors.

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3. Banaue Rice Terraces

Banaue Rice Terraces or Payew is situated on the Luzon Island, Philippines with 2000 – year – old, made by the ancestor of the native people, Batad. It is also considered “The 8th Wonder of the World”.

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4. Royal Palace of Herrenchiemsee, Germany

With the purpose of creating the 2nd duplicate of Palace of Versailles, King Ludwig II has built Royal Palace Herrenchiemsee on one of the islands in Chiemsee. It is a worth place for visiting and sightseeing because of its beauty.

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5. Bagan, Myanmar

As the former capital city of Myanmar and located on the Ayeyarwady River, Bagan is famous for stunning ancient Buddhist temples, pagodas with the unique architecture not only in Myanmar but also in Southeast Asia. All the ancient temples, pagodas were built in an area of 42 kilometers square on the left bank of Ayeyarwady River. Nowadays, it is known as Old Bagan (Bagan Plain) – the old area dating back to 9th from 13th with more than 10.000 temples, pagodas, shrines…

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6. Borobudur Temple

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1991, Borobudur Temple is a monument in Central Java, Indonesia and considered the largest exquisite wonder belonging to Buddhist. However, Borobudur was neglected in the centuries with 504 Buddha statues, one main huge stupa, and 72 small stupas around, 1212 rock paintings and 44 display areas.

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7. Pantanal Conservation Area

Pantanal is the conservation and a National Park with the area of 187.818 ha, located in the Southwest of Mato Grosso State and Northwest of Mato Grosso Do Sul State belonging to Brazil as well as near the border of Bolivia. This conservation is one of the world’s largest tropical wetland areas, which was recognized as the World Heritage by UNESCO in 2000 thanks to the astonishing biologically diverse including different species such as 3.500 plants, 1000 birds, 400 kinds of fish and 300 mammals, etc.

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