Top 10 Foods You Must Eat In Bali

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During your cuisine exploration in Bali, you should definitely give the following 10 tasteful dishes a try. They promise to stir up your appetite with the mouthful.

1. Sate Lembat (Grilled meat on a stick)

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Sate Lembat, also called grilled meat on a stick is one of the most popular dishes in street food corners of Bali. The tasteful and fragrant food is made from a variety of ingredients, including minced pork, grated coconut, tamarind,…then put onto sticks and grilled on charcoal. There is one thing interesting that the dish’s recipe is changed following different regions.

2. Babi Guiling (roasted sucking pigs)

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If you have an opportunity to visit Bali Paradise Island, you should give Babi Guling a try. This rich and fragrant dish is powerful enough to stir up your appetite with the mouthful. The dish is processed from meat of sucking pig and rice which are mixed with a mixture of minced spices including shallots, garlic, ginger, turmeric, pepper, herbs, chili, lemongrass, etc. Then, it will be roasted over an open fire in 5 hours. The rich and fragrant Babi Guling is often made at big festivals in the purpose of worshipping the Gods on Bali Island.

3. Lawar

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Lawar is actually mixed dish combining a variety of vegetables, grated coconut, minced meat and herbs. The dish is often served with roasted sucking pig to release the richness of the meat and leave a wonderful flavor in your mouth. Interestingly, each village on Bali Island has its own recipe of making Lawar.

4. Nasi Goreng (fried rice)

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Nasi goreng or fried rice is a popular dish that tourists should give a try when visiting Indonesia. As the name would suggest, this dish is made of rice and fried with different spices and ingredients based on the recipes of each restaurant. In addition to traditional fried rice, tourists now have the opportunity to taste various dishes such as nasi goreng ayam, nasi goreng ikan asin, nasi goreng kambing, nasi goreng pete, nasi goreng jawa, etc. A plate of fried rice is about 10,000 rupiah (less than 1$).

5. Nasi Kuning

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Nasi Kuning is made from a special yellow rice commonly used by the people of Bali during festivals and sacrifices. Rice is cooked with coconut milk and chicken broth, then added aromatic spices to ensure that rice grains separate from each other in the end. The tasteful and eyes – catching dish is usually served on large plates, decorated impressively, and eaten with eggs, meat, fish, etc.

6. Sate Lilit

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Sate Lilit is nationally and internationally such a popular Balinese dish made from shrimp, fish and other kinds of seafood. To process this tasteful dish, fishes are removed all bones and shrimps are peeled off the shell, then, grind and marinate them with a mixture of spices including coconut milk, herbs, pepper, chili, salt, sugar, etc. After that, they put it on the skewers of the lemon tree to grill.

7. Tempeh

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Tempeh is actually a type of fried rice cake made of soybeans and rice flour. The tasteful and fragrant cake is eyes – catching with crispy wrapping of dark gray and sold at the market in fresh or frozen form. In addition to traditional tempeh, they variants this dish to satisfy the taste of Westerners such as Tempeh Burgers, Tempeh with salad and tomato, etc. Thus, it promises to stir up the appetite of tourists with the mouthful. Give it a try!

8. Urap Urap

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Also known as Urap Timum, Urap Urap is made from tropical fresh vegetables, grated coconut, and chilli. Tourists would probably savor this nutritious food at all restaurants in Bali. It promises to satisfy the taste bubs of tourists, particularly the gourmets.

9. Bekek Betutu

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Compared to the famous “Beijing roasted duck” of China cuisine, Bebek Betutu is actually a stewed and fried dish. The duck must be raised in the field in 6 months, cleaned and then stewed in 10 hours so that the meat is tasteful instead of being overcooked. Next, it is taken out to dry, marinated with special spices then crispily fried.

10. Nasi Uduk

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Nasi Uduk is also known as coconut milk rice. As the name would suggest, it is named after the processing method of the dish. In addition to the aroma of rice with coconut milk, Nasi Uduk also fascinates tourists with a variety of accompaniments such as spiced meat, fish, chicken, boiled eggs, chili sauce and crackers. Thus, it promises to tease your taste bubs. Give it a try!

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