The Myth about Three Sacred Temples in Malaysia

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Myanmar has been regionally famous for tower temples. It is worth mentioning that the country is the custodian and curator of numerous pagodas. In contrast to glittering gilding pagodas scattering throughout the country, Myanmar still preserves and conserves its ancient and rustic significances. That is the reason why it attracts a significant number of tourists within and outside the region. Noticeably, many famous temples in this country possess their own mysterious myths that arouse the curiosity of travelers.

Shwedagon Pagoda

Shwedagon Pagoda is top – ranked “worthy – visiting” spots on the tourism map of Myanmar. Located at the peak of Singuttara Hill, spreading across an area of 50,000 square meters, the pagoda fascinates visitors by magnificent architecture. Noticeably, the gilding top of the tower is encrusted with 7,000 diamonds and gems, of which the largest one is 74 carats. The 2,500 – year – old pagoda hosts important festivals during the year, so it has thousands of tourist turn each year.

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It’s worth mentioning that the pagoda is currently conserving 4 sacred treasures for the Buddhist followers and worshippers.

Shwedagon Pagoda has its own legend that has been spreading generations to generations. According to the legend, brothers from the city of Balkh (currently Afghanistan) met the Buddha and was given eight straws of hair. Then, both moved to Myanmar and found Singuttara hill thanks to the great help of rulers in the region.

Shwezigon Pagoda

Shwezigon Temple is considered as a proud architectural work in Myanmar. This sacred temple was built during the reign of King Anawrahta and was completed in 1102 in the Kyansittha dynasty. The pagoda surely captures the eyes of visitors by splendid architecture colored the golden yellow. Moreover, tourists are easy to assess to the pagoda by its prominent height and position compared to others.

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Legend has it that the location of the temple was decided by a white elephant that carries the vestiges of the Buddha’s forehead. That elephant was allowed to move freely and the temple was constructed right at the spot it stopped.

Dhammayangyi Temple

Being built by brick, featuring the unique design that is different from other ancient temples in Myanmar, Dhammayangyi Temple surely grasps your eyes right you step onto the entrance. Noticeably, the temple is at the shape of a pyramid, the six-storey Dhammayangyi temple stands proud into the sky. However, the temple has been completed.

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Dhammayangyi Temple was built in 1170 under the reign of King Narathu who was known for his cruelty and inhumanity. According to the legend, King Narathu killed his father and brother to seize the throne. After being the King, he immediately built the temple to worship. However, he was murdered after three years of enthronement.

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