Why The Philippines is The Place to be This Summer

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Have you ever wondered why tourists flock to the Philippine for their summer vacation? In addition the breath – taking Boracay, El Nido and Cebu Islands, the wonderful landscapes, the hospitability of the locals, the short distance from Vietnam, what are the other distinguishing features that help it grasp the attention of tourists within and outside the country?

If you choose the Philippines as the destination for your summer relaxation and exploration, you will be totally persuaded by these following reasons.

Wonderful Paradise Island

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Having more than 7,000 islands featuring smooth sandy beaches and turquoise sea water, the Philippines owns wonderful tourist paradises such as Boracay, El Nido, Cebu, Coron and Palawan, etc. Stepping onto these islands, tourists would probably be overwhelmed by the picturesque scenery facing them that they have ever seen on TV. Thus, they are undoubtedly ideal destinations for those who are engrossed with natural sea beauty, charming private spaces, and peaceful and tranquil atmosphere which is totally different from the bustle and hustle of the urban life.

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Most of the beaches of the Philippines are surrounded by majestic mountains and many of them are the ideal spots for surfing.

In addition to charming white sand beaches, the Philippines also captures the eyes of tourists with extraordinary pink sand and black sand beaches. Visiting these « strange beaches might be « one – of – all – kind » experience during your memorable trip to this amazing country and your traveling life at the same time.

The Philippines 3

Ideal destinations for coral diving

Seizing the title of the Island nation, the Philippines is without dispute one of the best diving spots in the world. The country definitely satisfies your « thirst » of coral diving on Apo Island, Honda Bay, Tubbataha Reef, Puerto Galera, Malapascua, etc.

The Philippines 4

Featuring marine biodiversity with extensive coral reefs and rare sea animals such as whale, sperm whales, sharks and sperm whales, etc. Therefore, you certainly fee free to admire and explore the diverse ecosystem of the sea.

The Philippines 5

Attractive tourists spots

The Philippines 6

The Philippines 7

The Philippines 8

In addition to more than 7,000 islands and islets, the Philippines has been drawing the attention of tourists within and outside the region with numerous natural wonders and fascinating attractions, including more than 1,000 hills of Socola, underground river system, caves, waterfalls, 2000 – year old terraced rice fields, etc.

Traditional festivals

The Philippines 9

The Philippines is characterized with unique national identities. They are reflected by festivals, in which traditional values intertwine with modern identities, then create distinguishing features and encourage the participation of both local and foreign visitors.

Under the considerable influence of three cultures, namely Spanish, Chinese and the United States, especially the domination of Spain, the Filipino culture and festivals are significantly influenced by Spanish culture.

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There are numerous traditional festivals to be organized on the island throughout the year, namely Ati-Atihan festival, the Sinulog festival, the Dinagyang festival, and Panagbenga festival. The most important one must be Sinulog festival annually held in January, in which the locals commemorate Saint Santo Nino, the Infant Jesus of Prague. The festival lasts for a whole week and features colorful parades, beauty contests and dancing on the street, which are successful to capture the attention of tourists within and outside the country, in general, and pilgrims, in particular.

Ideal mountains for hiking

The Philippines 11

The Philippines 12

Having been famous for spectacular wildlife including active volcanoes and the largest and highest terraced fields in the world, the Philippines is without dispute an ideal destination for those who are engrossed with hiking. Travelers could definitely go trekking to the peak of Taal Volcano, Tukuran waterfalls or Cordilleras forests on Luzon island.

Convenient transportation and communication

The Philippines 13

Tourists are easy to access to various means of transportation in the Philippines such as the domestic plane, train, jeepney, taxi, bus, carriage, tricycle, etc. Additionally, you definitely enjoy the charming scenery of islands by the traditional Banca (wooden boat).

Moreover, English was the second language of the Philippines in 1935 and has been widely spoken in more than 7,000 islands of the country, so you do not need to worry about language barriers when traveling this country.

The friendliness and hospitability of the locals

The Philippines 14

The Philippines 15

The Filippino has long been famous for their friendliness and hospitability. They welcome tourists inside and outside the region with a charming smile and native language. As you can see, they are engaged in singing and dancing at festivals and people exchange ceremonies. Moreover, the natives highly fascinate tourists by available help and sharing whenever and wherever they need during their memorable trip to the Island country. Therefore, the Philippine is undoubtedly a « worthy – visiting » tourist spots in this summer.

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