Song Saa island – Avoid busy cities in the luxury island

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Song Saa Island will be the most wonderful destination if you want to have Cambodia Luxury travel, Song Saa Island will be the most wonderful destination. This is a remote private island resort off the coast of Cambodia, offering ultra-luxurious villas, fabulous food, wonderful services. Although Song Saa is a luxurious island resort in Cambodia, it is surprisingly less well known in the world. Currently, one night stay at Song Saa is priced at $US 800 or more. The island is always an ideal destination for tourists who want to stay away from the busy city and take a rest in a peaceful and luxurious place.

Song Saa Island

Song Saa Private Island

Song Saa is located on the Cambodian islands named Koh Ouen and Koh Bong which are 2 of the 22 islands of Koh Rong archipelago.  The environment here is pristine, with untouched stretches of golden sands and around by clear calm waters with tropical fish. Especially, Song Saa in the Khmer language is “lover”. Therefore, this resort is highly considered a great place for young couples who want to experience the romantic honeymoon in tropical paradise views and watch the sunset and starry nights on the island.

Song Saa Private Beach and Resorts

Song Saa Private Beach and Resorts

The resort has 27 beautiful villas. Each villa has a small plunge pool and has 1-2 bedrooms. Guests can choose between villas on the water or a villa in the jungle built entirely by natural materials. Additionally, Song Saa mansions own traditional designs and indigenous arts with decorative items such as bamboo barrels and cleverly furnished antiques. Almost all beds and baths in the villas can overlook the endless sea. Song Saa resort always has convenient services such as free Wi-Fi on the entire island, swimming pools, underwater activities like diving, Kayak sailing or surfing. On the island, there are two shops, a fitness center, and ecotourism guide to the center of the island, a library , a Spa & Wellness center. Not only can you enjoy this dreamy paradise with breathtaking views, you also have the golden chance to improve your physical health as well. Obviously, all services are built with the purpose of providing the guests with the best and unforgettable experiences and achieving their satisfactions.


In addition to taking a rest at Song Saa island, tourists also can participate in yoga and meditation classes. Song Saa Resort staff is mainly indigenous and competent at using all modern amenities at Song Saa (such as an espresso machine) and has the ability to communicate English with foreigners. Especially, sustainability is an important issue at Song Saa Island. The link between the fishing village of Prek Song Saa and Sway is not only limited to the local staff, but the employer also supports the educational activities in the village were used to suffer the disaster “Khmer Rouge genocide” of the 1970s. Song Saa managers care so much about the living conditions of the villagers and environmental protection.

More specifically, the Song Saa resort also has a team of naturalists and professional staff which are hired and trained just to make sure that the resort is working properly with the social criteria and the marine ecology. Here, they not only have a duty to protect a natural marine park with a coral reef stretching but also check the water quality regularly. If you come here, you do not hesitate to ask the staff of Song Saa Resort to have a tour guide on the island or a visit to the fishing village of Prek Sway.

Noticeably, there are 2 safest ways to Song Saa Resort. The easiest way is to fly to an island located next to the island of Koh Rong. Alternatively, you can fly to the port city of Sihanoukville. From Sihanoukville, you have two ways to come to Song Saa resort, either by airplane (approximately 45 minutes away from the city to the airport); or go by car from Phnom Penh (takes about 3 ½ hours).

Song Saa Island has strong environmental and social features to ensure the outstanding beauty of this paradise compared to other locations in Asia. This island makes an incredible impression on visitors by the luxury and harmony with nature. It may be a dream trip where you can experience a beautiful, untouched world, wander among the old-growth rainforest, watch dazzling reef fish swimming under the villas or see spectacular views from the balcony. Therefore, if you want to stay away from the crowded and polluted city for a period of time, come to Song Saa Island and enjoy!

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