“Hunting” Clouds, “Riding” Wind on Ta Chi Nhu Peak- Yen Bai

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Hunting clouds, riding wind at the top of Ta Chi Nhu mountain which is dubbed the paradise on earth – Yen Bai attracts tourists, especially backpackers with the virtual landscape as in the fairy tales, clouds as white as cotton floating away, the horses leisurely strolling on the vast grasslands like immense steppes.

Hunting Clouds,Riding Wind on Ta Chi Nhu Peak- Yen Bai

Ta Chi Nhu is the name of a mountain of Luang Pu massif of Hoang Lien Son mountain range, this mountain is located in Tram Tau district of The Northern mountainous province of Yen Bai. This mountain is situated at an altitude of 2,979 m above sea level and is ranked No. 6 among the highest mountains in Vietnam. The climate here is extremely harsh but it offers an indescribable charm, especially on the day when the sky is clear, the weather is fine, it’s a perfect time to conduct a wandering “hunting clouds – riding the wind” of the professional backpackers or travelers who have passions for adventure and conquering  new lands.

Hunting Clouds,Riding Wind on Ta Chi Nhu Peak- Yen Bai

This mountain has many different names depending on ethnicity, Thai people call Ta Chi Nhu Ta Song Sung, people  of H’mong group call it Chung Chua Nha; however, the popular name that people still use is Ta Chi Nhu. In recent years, Ta Chi Nhu has been a destination where backpackers tell each other that “Ta Chi Nhu is a place where everyone should visit once in a lifetime”.

To get to Ta Chi Nhu, you have to pass a relatively long and hard journey. From Hanoi, you take the highway to Yen Bai, through Nghia Lo, Tram Tau then cross the winding roads leading to Xa Ho commune. This is just the first destination. From here, you have to ride approximately 8 km more and begin walking to conquer this charming mountain.

Hunting Clouds,Riding Wind on Ta Chi Nhu Peak- Yen Bai

Starting  this dangerous and challenging journey to conquer, you will have to climb along the trail leading up to the summit and a difficult thing is that this path is unique, and the cliffs are steep without any easier paths. In normal days when the thick clouds cover the foot of the mountain, if climbing in groups, if you have to climb after another through dense clouds, otherwise, you can hardly see your teammates.

The higher you climb, the waterier the air is, the stronger the wind is and the lower the temperature is, you’ll feel the wind blowing through the ears, crashing in the face, so this time, it will be very dangerous if you are not careful. You can bend down to avoid the ferocious winds hovering around. Also, on this conquest, if you look from side to side, you will admire the stunning views of the primeval forests of the mysterious dark blue on both sides. Subsequently, when passing the jungle, you will firsthand see the dense bamboo forest interwoven as in the Chinese historical dramas. The straight bamboo trees hidden in dense clouds like mist and smoke will cause you to think that you are being immersed in a magical painting.

When you climb up to the summit, the scenery is so amazing that you’ll have to tape and forget to breathing. After the difficulties, the warm sun rays gently play on fluffy white clouds drifting, the wind blows softly making you forget the beads of sweat falling hurriedly or gasping.

If you would like to once conquer this enchanting landmark, let’s come here in the first days of winter. At that time, the sky is clear, the gently warm sun is enough to dispel the cold and therefore clouds are whiter and more fluffy. A small note is that you should bring warm clothing, a blanket for the night on the mountain is quite cold, carry maize, potatoes or tea, cafe to have something to sip through the long night. Make a time to enjoy the experience of living in the fairly land in one day!

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