Ha My Beach – One of The Most Beautiful Beach in Asia

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Ha My beach has been fresh and wild, was selected on top of the most beautiful beaches in Asia by British newspaper Telegraph, along with 10 other beaches including Long Beach (Phu Quoc, Vietnam), Phra Nang (Krabi, Thailand).

Ha My Beach 1

Speaking of Quang Nam, everyone remember immediately Hoi An. An Bang is the first choice of all people because it’s near. However, there is a nice beach that is beautiful but not many people know. Ha My Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Asia, next to a series of famous beaches, voted by the British Telegraph.

Perhaps thanks to all the people who flocked to An Bang, then Ha My remains intact, deserted, clean and extremely peaceful. Just set foot here, surely you will love this place always.

Beautiful scene

Ha My Beach 2

Ha My Beach 3

Its location is quite convenient when it is located along the coastal road linking Danang with Hoi An ancient town (Quang Nam province), Ha My beach is only 6km away from the mountain. This place brings the beautiful features of the Central Sea, which are white sand beaches stretching to the eyes, clear sea water, a turquoise “emerald green”.

Ha My Beach 4

Ha My Beach 5

To Ha My, you will only want to be “relaxed” all day, lying under the cool coconut, gentle, romantic view of the natural landscape calm and relaxed. The most popular is not crowded like the famous beaches. Sometimes when you drop in harmony with nature, there is no human being around you. With family, relatives, friends into the sea immersed in the cool water, fun, you will feel like the sea of your own.

Ha My Beach 6

Ha My Beach 7

And certainly you will be comfortable taking beautiful pictures glittering without fear of any strange people fall into the frame.

Ha My Beach 8

Ha My Beach 10

Ha My is most beautiful at dawn and sunset. When the sun is in the form of dawn or late in the evening when the sun shines from the sea finally. This is also the time when fishermen start sailing and docking which makes the beach atmosphere very fun. On the clear night sky, Ha My

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