A Guide to Pick Hanoi’s Special Dishes

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Nom lim – “Ironwood” beef salad

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It is still dried beef salad, but made from the beef that looks like a rough, dark brown ironwood log, but sweeter than normal beef. It is served with a big dish including a mixture of pig stomach, spleen, tendons, cartilage … which are marinated well. This is considered a popular dish in Hanoi but a new specialty attracts many visitors when coming here. On weekends on Hang Bun Street, the stalls selling “Ironwood” beef salad are always packed with people. Price is 20,000 VND (0.9 USD)/dish, a mix dish is 40,000 VND (1.5 USD).

Bird and beef salad

With a unique combination of beef and roasted bird, this is a favorite dish in Hanoi on summer days. The bird is grilled until yellow, soft, marinated with sweet, spicy sauce and served with spicy salad with spinach and dried beef. The dried beef and bird salad is sold in Tran Nguyen Han with prices from 40,000 VND to 50,000 VND (1.5 USD – 2 USD). One of the specialties to eat when going to Hanoi for a weekend trip is to choose a bird and beef salad for lunch for visitors.

Shrimp cake, fried dumplings

In addition to salad for the weekend, visitors can go to Hang Bo street to enjoy the attractive shrimp cake, fried dumplings. The pretty little crispy fries are a “star” dish at No. 55 Hang Bo Street, the dumplings are fried crisply and gold, the filling inside is very full. A dish of about 20 fried dumplings with herb, vegetables and sweet and sour sauce. Besides, you can order some more shrimp cake – the favorite dish. Shrimp cakes are larger than the shape of the shrimp, tasty with the taste of prawns and fatty crispy fried flour.


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Come to Hanoi in April and May, do not forget to find famous dimsum in Hanoi. This dimsum restaurant is in the room 45, floor 1, B2 Giang Vo in Tran Huy Lieu street. This dish with a small shape, just like a flower buds. Inside are shrimps, meat and vegetables. When visitors come to the restaurant, the owner takes the hot steamed buns, so the cake is always delicious and retain its flavor.


With the English name in mind, katsudon is actually a fried pork rice in Japanese style. Each full course includes fried pork, onion, sesame seeds. When you eat, visitors feel the soft and sweet taste of the ingredients. Each average meal of 100,000 VND (4 USD) is for 2 people. The 241 restaurant located in Xuan Thuy street is the most famous in Hanoi for katsudon.

Chicken sticky rice

Although it is just a rustic dish, the chicken sticky rice at No.604 Truong Chinh street attracts a lot of tourists when traveling to Hanoi. Chicken sticky rice is made from simple ingredients such as sticky rice, roasted chicken and onion, but the special thing that creates the famous dish is the refined and skillful processing of the chef. Chicken sticky rice served with carrots and cucumbers will taste good.

Beef bread

The alley 4K5, Ao Sen Street (Ha Dong) has long been famous for fried beef bread. This dish is skillfully processed to make many customers feel so great when traveling in Hanoi. Specifically, beef marinated carefully , well cooked on fire and then prepared with a large crispy bread. Guests can also add kumquat to create a little bit sour taste chilli flavor if you want to stimulate taste. Compared with many familiar types, fried beef bread is the new name, a more choice for the weekend wandering in Hanoi.
The article ” The tips about choosing specialty when travelling to Hanoi at the weekend” has gathered many unique and new dishes in Hanoi. With the special cuisine here, hope you will have full and delicious meals at the weekend in Hanoi.

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