Experience in Choosing Specialties When Travelling to Sapa at The Weekend

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Sapa is blessed by nature with a series of beautiful scenery, cool climate, suitable for resort activities. Besides, Sapa also has a lot of delicious food, attractive, so that visitors not only want to enjoy on the spot but also want to buy as gifts for relatives, friends. So, experience in choosing specialties when traveling Sapa on the weekend í very useful for those who are planning to go to Sapa:

Plump and peach

According to experience, when choosing specialties in Sapa for tourists, Sapa, plum and peach are the fruits that you should choose to buy as gifts for your friends and relatives. These are all delicious fruits as well as the bold taste of the Northwest mountains, where the headland.

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Plum is quite large, usually blue, when ripe will be very beautiful yellow color and sweet. This fruit is grown by ethnic minorities in the area of O Quy Ho, around the town of Sapa. If you want to enjoy this plum, visitors should come here in May, the price is only 20,000 – 30,000 VND (1 – 1.2 usd) / kg but sometimes up to 50,000 VND (2 usd) / kg.

Similarly, Sapa peach is another specialty of this upland town. However, according to the experience of specialties when traveling Sapa by month, Sapa peaches are sour and tasteless as the peach is imported from China. So, in recent years people often import from other places for sale instead of using the local product.

Therefore, when buying visitors should choose carefully. It is best to buy from ethnic minority people and put them in bamboo baskets, which sell along the road near the Sapa Rock Church, which usually ranges from VND30,000-40,000 (1.5 USD) / basket / 4kg.

Sapa docynia fruit

According to the experience of choosing specialty Sapa tourist on the weekend of many tourists, if you come to Sapa in September, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the wild apple, also known as Sapa pear and Sapa docynia fruit.

Sapa 2

Unlike other local pears, docynia fruit in Sapa is characterized by small fruit, shaggy outer skin is not very nice. When eaten, the pear will be slightly sour but very cool. The price of this pear in Sapa is about 20,000 VND (00.9 USD)/ kg.

Docynia fruit are also a unique specialty of Sapa. This fruit is often chosen by visitors as gifts when coming here. In fact, today Sapa does not have many natural docynia fruit, if any, only very little and the Mong people harvest early, so eating is not good anymore.

However, this is nothing to worry about. By experience choose specialty when going to Sapa on weekends, most of the cat is now brought from Van Chan, Mu Cang Chai of Yen Bai to better quality. When buying docynia fruit, choose the yellow and light fragrant fruits that are ripe and can be used vinegar or alcohol.


For ethnic minorities living in Sapa, mushrooms are considered “heavenly present” for the people here. The season of mushrooms in Sapa begins when rains come down. If you want to harvest the best mushrooms, you have to go deep into the forest of Hoang Lien Son and harvest the mushroom growing on chestnut trees.

Sapa 3

According to the travelers who have ever had the opportunity to enjoy this dish, Sapa mushrooms are very sweet, moreover, there are also very typical scents of the North West highlands. This mushroom can be used to cook dishes such as mushroom chicken soup, mushroom soup, fried beef with mushrooms …
When th season is over, mushrooms are harvested and sold by farmers along the way. However, according to the special experience when traveling Sapa weekend, the visitors near or going on the day should choose fresh mushrooms as gifts, because for too long will lose the delicious taste of mushrooms present.

If you are away, you can choose to buy dried mushrooms, which are often sold at stores. However, you need to have certain knowledge about this kind, avoid buying the wrong type of mushrooms.

Currently, along with forest mushrooms, local people have started to grow mushrooms themselves in the family, so visitors when want to buy need to distinguish these two kinds. Accordingly, the mushroom will have deep dark wings, and the smell is not as fragrant as forest mushrooms. In addition, the price is also very different, because the mushroom usually cost about 300,000 to 400,000 VND / kg, while the mushrooms will be much cheaper.

Hopefully, with the special experience when traveling Sapa over the weekend, you will be easier and more convenient to buy specialties. It will be the most meaningful gift for friends and relatives after the trip to Sapa.

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