5 Delicious Dishes in Halong that You Should not Miss

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Quang Ninh is not only famous for beautiful scenery but also countless delicious and “cool” seafood. Travelling is not only to enjoy beautiful scenery but also a chance to explore local cuisine. Below are the dishes in Halong that you should not bypass when visiting this city.

1. Seafood noodle

Recently seafood noodle is a popular dish in Hanoi. However, if enjoying it in Halong, you surely will feel totally different. Seafood noodle in Halong is veruy suitable for breakfast. A bowl of seafood noodle at VND 40.000 (~ USD 2) includes shimp, crab meat, fried fish,crayfish and mustard greens (or cress vegetable).

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Seafood noddle is served with raw vegetable, which is a perfect combination of sweetness from broth and fresh taste from vegetable.It’s very easy to find a seafood restaurant in Halong. Some famous seafood noodle addresses that you can refer is Hai Van restaurant at the beginning of Dong Bac company road, or the restaurant near Cau Trang – Ha Tu.

2. Limuloid

People are not used to eat Limuloid but it gradually becomes a specialty. Not all coastal area has limuloid. The fishermen always cook a female and a male limuloid at the same time, as it is considered to bring bellyache and allergy if only one single limuloid is killed.

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Limuloid can be cooked into lots of dishes like sweet-and-sour stirring, frying, limuloid egg… which are new and tasty. However, limuloid is a kind of “cold” seafood, so if you experienced allergy or stomachache before, you should eat it or just try a little bit. The most famous address for limuloid dishes in Halong is Mrs Ty at Alley 6, Cao Thang street. In the afternoon, there’s a good restaurant serving delicious limuloid leg, or fried limuloid… One more good address is Quang Yen limuloid, loated on the way from Halong to Hanoi. Limuloid is quite expensive, around VND 150.000/per average dish.

3. Oyster rice soup

This is a famous snack but in Halong the dish is quite different from Hanoi’s. Hanoi’s is cooked from fresh water/river oyster while Halong’s is made from sea oyser. Oyster rice soup is served with minced onion, sage and fried cake, which is very tasty and attractive. A good address for this dish that you should visit is the first restaurant on the left, nearby Vietcombank building in Halong market 1. They also serve delicious patiso cake (pillow-shaped cake). At Halong market 2, in food court also located a very famous oyster rice soup restaurant which was operated long time ago. Price for every oyster rice soup with fried cake is about VND 15.000 – 20.000 (1$)

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4. Stirred snail

When visiting Halong, you definitely shouldn’t overlook the dishes from snail. It is a favourite snack of the locals, and it’s cheap as well (around VND 35.000/dish in average). You should go to some street food kiosques to enjoy comfortable feeling and better taste. It is often stirred with sauce, citronella, tamarind sauce, coconut… which is so tasty and addictive. In Halong, there are lots of snails for you to choose from.

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You can go to some of these addresses to enjoy this dish: in an alley nearby old Quang Ninh museum (on Nguyen Van Cu street), there are 2 snail houses with similar quality, favoured by students thanks to cheap price; the kiosk on the sidewalk Van Lang with excellent stirred snail (however the price is a little bit higher than average). Most of the snail restaurants in Halong serve boiled, stirred and grilled snail. In addition, you can enjoy oyster dishes there.

5. Rice roll cake with fried squid

Banh cuon is everywhere but the one served with fried squid probably only can be seen in Halong. The taste of this dish depends mostly on the deliciousness and crunchy taste of fresh quid. Following is the sauce which is a mix of slight sourness from lemon and hot chilli. The best time time to enjoy this dish is when the rice cake is just done and still hot, served with fried onion. The restaurant of Mrs Ngan nearby Bach Dang cinema is considered the first one in the region, price is about VND 40.000/dish/person.

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