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Pristine forests everywhere, cool climate all year round with many lakes and waterfalls makes visitors feel the “true paradise” when coming to Mang Den (Kon Tum).

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Mang Den National Tourist Area, Kon Tum District (Kon Tum) has long been a tourist resort paradise. From the center of Kon Tum city, visitors can go by car or motorbike on Highway 24, about 54 km to the northeast.

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Mang Den is 1,200 m above sea level with temperate climate, cool weather year round, average temperature 16-20 ° C, primitive forest covering over 80% of area nature.

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Traditional ethnic minority house nestled among the primeval forest near the Ba Sy waterfall tourist site. Mang Den ecotourism has many waterfalls, rock springs and natural scenery and special local culture. Mr. Nguyen Van Lan, Chairman of the People’s Committee of Kon Plong district, said that Mang Den converges many climatic conditions, primeval forest and scenic areas … to become a national eco-tourism and resort center.

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Wild nature, quiet at Dak Ke tourist destination. Mang Den ecological tourism area has many rare fauna and flora, many waterfalls such as Dak Ke, Pa Son, Lo Ba, Toong Dam, Toong Zori, Toong Po …, suitable for ecotourism development, associated with scientific research.

Mang Den Ecological Paradise 5

Mang Den has a temperate climate so every season flowers bloom. In late spring – early summer, visitors flow to the place to see the purple flowers blooming colorfully everywhere around the wild lake and waterfall.

Mang Den Ecological Paradise 6

In the morning, in the midst of cold weather, visitors can stand by the ancient pine hill along Highway 24, enjoy a large view toward the valley, catching the sunrise floating between early morning mist.

Mang Den Ecological Paradise 7

Konpolong district has more than 6,500 households, mainly ethnic groups such as Xe Day, Mo Nom, Ka Dong, Hre – occupy over 80% of the local population, with many cultural features such as folk musical instruments, for example long flute, drums, gongs, pipes operated by water; special costumes of the people and cultural architecture of communal house, long house … associated with mountainous wild nature.

Mang Den Ecological Paradise 8

In April, the flower blooms throughout the Mang Den Forest. Guests visiting the resort can enjoy special rose myrtle wine in this land orenjoy the delicious special fruit. Before leaving this land, visitors can visit, buy some vegetables, fruits and roots at the organic farms with high quality products.

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