5 Most Charming Free Tourist Sites in Da Nang

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During the trips, the cost is always a problem that causes many travelers headaches. However, visiting Da Nang, you’ll still have unforgettable memories at 5 absolutely free attractions in Da Nang City.

1. Tuy Loan ancient village

Located in Hoa Phong commune, Hoa Vang district, Tuy Loan ancient village with a history of over 500 years is a great place for tourists to explore the traditional culture of the Vietnamese countryside. Coming to the ancient village of Tuy Loan, you can take a round of the village, explore the riverside market or enjoy the taste of rice paper and fascinating Quang noodles. Also, the beauty of the village and rustic natural landscape surrounding or warm people also contributed to the attraction of tourists to come here.

5 Most Charming Free Tourist Sites in Da Nang Vietnam

Visiting Tuy Loan ancient village, tourists should not ignore Tuy Loan communal house which is located right at Tuy Loan intersection and is surrounded and protected by the river of the same name. The communal house was built in the late 18th century and was restored in the year of the Mau Ty (1888).

Through the ups and downs, Tuy Loan communal house could not keep intact, but it still exudes its inherent majesty. Every year, on 9th January of Lunar Calendar, residents of the two villages of Dong (East) and Tay (West) together with pilgrims hold the festival in the shadow the old banyan trees. Attending Tuy Loan communal house festival is a chance for visitors from near and far to understand more about a land, a traditional way of life as well as the emotional and sincere, warm of the people here.

2.Ran Nam O (Nam O Reef)

5 Most Charming Free Tourist Sites in Da Nang city Vietnam

Not many tour companies put Reef Nam O on visiting itinerary. Therefore, this place is quite new to many travelers. However, those visitors who once visit Nam O reef, this place has always brought a curiosity, interest which is very hard to resist. Located approximately 2km from the center of Nam O village, Hoa Hiep Nam Ward, Lien Chieu district to the southeast, Nam O Reef have a lot of reefs and algae and is home to many species of rare fish and seafood.

3. Con Market

5 Most Charming Free Tourist Sites in Da Nang city Vietnam

As the largest shopping area of Da Nang city in particular and of the central region general, Con market is not only a place where tourists go to shopping but also the sight to discover and enjoy the extremely attractive cuisine. Situated at the crossroads of Ong Ich Khiem – Hung Vuong, visitors coming to Con market can enjoy delicious snacks. A lot of people coming are extremely surprised because they have never met such a markets that sell numerous snacks like at Con market.

4. Love Pier

5 Most Charming Free Tourist Sites in Da Nang city Vietnam

Located between the Dragon Bridge and the Han River Bridge, to the east of Tran Hung Dao street – Da Nang city, this pier (bridge) was built so that visitors can move to the yacht. Tourists do not have to buy tickets to visit the love pier. This arc-shaped pier is 68m long, 6m wide leading to the middle of the river; therefore, it has plenty of space for visitors to see the beauty sides of Han River. At night, the bridge has the hundreds of lightning red lanterns . Light from the lantern “pours” into the sparkling water making the space here become extremely romantic.

5. Conquering Moutain Passes

5 Most Charming Free Tourist Sites in Da Nang city Vietnam

Leaving the city center, visitors will have many unforgettable memories when conquering the protruding mountain pass roads. It is even more amazing when you explored the  interesting passes such as Phuoc Tuong, Hai Van… with a special person. After experiencing thrills with the pass, visitors will see stunning images of the most beautiful bay in the world- Lang Co.

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