Con Dao-An Unspoiled and Mysterious Destination

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Con Dao is growing day by day, but it still does not lose the pristine and mysterious beauty. Especially, the environment here is still fresh, clean and beautiful with white sand and blue sea. Guests can choose for themselves various types of tourism when visiting the island.

Spiritual tourism

Coming to Con Dao, people can not ignore Hang Duong cemetery, the resting place of Vo Thi Sau, Nguyen An Ninh, Le Hong Phong and more than 2,000 graves of other martyrs.

The historical site of Con Dao Prison has 19 points divided into two periods, the prisons during the French and American colonies. Relics of cow cage, skull park are also places to keep evidence of the crimes of colonialism.

Con Dao island

Mrs. Phi Yen shrine (step wife of Lord Nguyen Anh), also known as An Son Mieu is also a place where tourists should come to worship and visit.

Nui Mot Temple is the temple with the most beautiful feng shui feature in Vietnam, leaning against the mountain and looking wide cool lotus pond and vast sea in the distance.

Discovering tourism

Dam Trau Beach: This beach located 14 kilometers from the town center to the north, near Con Dao airport, is considered the most beautiful beaches here. The beach has blue water, fine golden sand stretching, primary forests embracing the coastline and many colorful coral reefs. The left side Dam Trau beach is a rocky slope reaching out to the sea emerging two huge boulders. This is where people can organize a picnic, play beach games.

Con Dao Beach

Ong Dung Forest: The forest is located in Con Dao National Park, about 4 km from the town center. Passing famous Ma Thien Lanh bridge, you start going into the primeval forest. At that time,  you will get a cool feeling of the forest and mountains, the echo of the sound of birds chirping, squirrels dancing and swinging from branch to branch. Getting off the motorbike and walking a short distance through the jungle, you will come to Ong Dung beach on the other side of the island. A tranquil beach like a lake with rocks, green trees will appear in front of your eyes.

Ca Map (Shark) Cape: This is an ideal place to see the sunrise, and rated as one of the world’s most beautiful sceneries by many visitors. Owning a beach with fine sand stretching, the high steep cliffs on one side, and pristine natural vast sea on the other. It is suitable for outdoor camping, sleeping overnight for adventurers.

Bay Canh Island: This is the second largest island, just after the main Con Lon island, with mangroves and beautiful coastline. You can watch sea turtles laying their eggs in the breeding season from July to October or going through the forest to reach the lighthouse. In addition, visitors can snorkel with a price of 500,000.

Discovering Con Dao Beach

Nhat Beach: This beach is about 6 km from the center of Con Dao district towards Ben Dam. The natural setting here is less affected by humans. Bai Nhat appears only a few hours a day, in other times, it sinks in water. This is one of the pristine beaches with flecked rocks on sand surface and small waves.


Here, nowhere seems to be more appropriate to go shopping than Con Dao market, where the new day starts the earliest on the island. The market is met every 1 or 2 days, from 4am or 5am to 11am and from 3pm until the evening. You can buy everything, from items serving the daily life to the textile, clothing.

Con Dao Market

Specialty in Con Dao market is dried country-almond seed marinated sugar or salt. Visitors often buy this kind of seed as a gift with 150,000- 350,000 VND/ kilo.

You should bring some fruits and food to the island because there is little snack shops.

If discovering the forest, you should bring boots or bata to avoid slipperily and being bitten by insects. In addition to sunscreen, wide-brimmed hat, you remember to bring mosquito repellent, insect repellent when going into the forest or camping on the seaside at night.

Around 6 am or 14h is the time to fishermen return after catching fish, you can go to the wharf to buy the fresh and cheap seafood then ask the hotel to cook.

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