Top 5 Most Beautiful Paradise Beaches in Philippines

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Having been naturally favored over 7, 107 islands and islets, the Philippines is also entitled the Island nation. Thus, it is undoubtedly one of the most famous tourist attractions inside and outside the region thanks to the turquoise blue sea water and smooth sandy beaches. Of course, there is no shortage of destinations that you  might visit during your trip to this amazing country, but for the reason of the best ones, I would recommend 10 stunning beaches as followed:

1. Pagudpud

Being naturally favored smooth sandy beach and turquoise blue sea water, Pagudpud island could be compared to the charming Hawaii paradise. However, the island offers services at affordable prices. Therefore, if you travel on a budget, you could definitely enjoy an amazing holiday on this exhilarating island. Moreover, the island is not too crowded, so you might relax in a tranquil private space and enjoy the stunning scenery.

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Ways of travel:

By airway: From Manila, you caught a domestic flight to Laoag, then take a bus, taxi, or coach to Pagudpud

By roadway: From Luzon Island, you definitely get there by car

2. Puerto Galera

Being known as a popular coastal town in the Mindoro province, Puerto Galera has been attracting a large number of visitors to the Philippines thanks to the cool and fresh atmosphere. The town is currently offering a series of restaurants, hotels, and resorts are scattering throughout the town. The most favorite activity that is highly recommended and complimented when visiting Puerto Galera town is scuba diving. To satisfy the needs of divers, the town provides them with more than 40 scuba-diving locations available for all levels, from beginner to professional divers. Additionally, the town is attractive with numerous kinds of colorful fish and eyes – catching coral reefs. It’s worth mentioning that, the stunning sunset in the late afternoon is also a « must – try » experience when staying in the town. It promises to satisfy your sense of beauty as well as « thirst » of admiration.

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Ways of travel:

By roadway: From Manila, take a bus to Puerto Galera.

3. Camiguin Island

The pearl Camiguin Island is located in the north of Mindanao province. Being characterized by majestic mountains and charming beaches, the island is favorably entitled « Garden of Eden » of the Philippines.

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Traveling from Manila to Camiguin

Option 1: From Manila, tourists caught a domestic flight to Cagayan de Oro Port (in an hour and 20 minutes), take the bus to Baligoan, then get on a ferry to Camiguin Island.

Option 2: From Bohol or Cagayan de Oro, you take a ferry to Camiguin.

4. Dakak Park and Beach Resort

Dakak Park and Beach Resort, Dapitan, Zamboanga del Norte, Dipolog in Mindanao has been famous for exhilarating natural landscapes. Thus, it promises to be an ideal tourist attraction for those who love indulging themselves into tranquil private space and enjoying the charming beauty of nature.

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How to get to Dakak Park Beach Resort

By plane: From Manila, tourists take a domestic flight to Dipolog lasting one hour

5. Puerto Princesa

In addition to picturesque untouched beaches and fresh atmosphere from the sea, Puerto Princesa Island has long been attracted a large number of tourists within and outside the region by limestone caves, lush forests, and more importantly, the world’s natural heritage site, Puerto Princesa underground river.

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Traveling to Puerto Princesa by plane

From Manila, tourists caught a domestic flight to Puerto Princesa Airport of three Airlines, namely AirpPhil Express, Cebu Pacific and Zest Air.

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