7 Tips for First-Time Travellers in Vietnam and Cambodia

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Hey people, if you are traveling, make it comfortable for you to enjoy the trip. Of course, you don’t want your travel to be a hilarious disaster and the value for money won’t be achieved. So if I were you, I’ll be more practical and creative to enjoy the traveling period on your chosen destination. Some of the best countries to do backpacking and becoming a budget traveler are Vietnam and Cambodia.


As a budget traveler like myself, here are some tips (7 tips to be exact) when packing things for your trip when visiting Cambodia and Vietnam. This is based on personal escapades and of course, tips from the experts’ advice and online articles all over the internet and from travel magazines as well.

So, they are as follows:

1. Practicality is the thing. Always choose a budget or economy seat when booking your flight because it helps your budget. Second, if you are the budget traveler, you can always choose hostel or backpacking in instead of a 4 or 5-star hotel such as Holiday Inn Parramatta. Keep in mind of your budget, so choose carefully your flight and accommodation to save more money for your travel.

2. Clothes. Well, you must know the weather condition of the place you’ll visit. If it is summer, wear summer clothes like shorts, sunny dresses or the simple shirt. And if is cold weather, bring the thickest jacket you got in the closet. You don’t want to be chilling while wearing your sunny dress in the middle of the trip, right?

3. Bags. Get some bag organizers for small things you got and a travel kit for your toiletries. Don’t bring any bottles (shampoo, lotion, etc) to avoid messing up. A zip lock will be good on your gadgets like the cellphone and can be used for clothes as well. You just have to roll your shirts or pants to fit in the zip lock.

4. IDS. Always, always, bring your identification card when traveling. This is an IMPORTANT THING TO DO AND SHOULD BE IN MIND ALL THE TIME!

5. The Money. It’s vital to not just put your money in one place like the wallet. You can put your money in your pocket or coin purse that you can carry all the time or under shoes. Just be creative with that.

6. Medicines. Yes, you also need to pack a couple of medicines just in case of a headache or tummy ache. It’s better to bring your chosen medicines than purchasing other brands.

7. Save in advance. If you are a budget traveler like me, might as well save in advance. Like if you’re trip is in May, then you still have 3 more months to save money. You really have to work on a specific budget so you won’t spend too much and you will know the priorities to make.

Those above tips are just suggestions. You can follow them, or incorporate them in your own way of making plans for your travel. It’s really up to you. The thing is, you need to enjoy your travel and savor good memories on your trip. Have a safe trip, guys!

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