5 Most Beautiful Islands in the Philippines

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White sand beach, clear blue water, pleasant weather for the sea activities, … 5 beautiful island of Philippines introduced below are always charming to all visitors.

Palawan Island

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Palawan is located in the southwestern part of the Philippines, separating the South China Sea from the Sulu Sea. It is the largest island of Palawan province and the fifth largest island in the Philippines. Palawan has a length of 450km with 3 airports.

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Palawan is known as the ‘paradise’ island of the Philippines tourism, which boasts magnificent views of dazzling coral reefs, dense rainforests, and ecosystems both on the sea and in land.


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Boracay Island has been voted by Yahoo and Tripadvisor as one of the most beautiful seaside resorts in the world. The real paradise of this place makes visitors ever want to come back many more times. Moreover, Boracay has everything from restaurants, clubs, comfortable and private resorts, shopping centers, beach games, bars …

Siquijor Island

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Visitors come to Siquijor not only for its beauty, but also for exploring the supernatural mysteries on the island. A small island rising in the midst of the southern Philippine waters, where in the past was the fortress of the missionaries, with living evidence of ancient churches with unique architecture dated back to 300 years ago

Siargao Island

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If you are a fan of adventure and challenge, Siargao Island will be the perfect choice. With beautiful beaches and clear waters, Siargao Island is considered to be the cradle of surfing and swimming in the Philippines. In addition, Siargao also attracts tourists by primeval forests and spectacular waterfalls.

Batan Island

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Batan is the main island, the second largest of the Batanes archipelago. Visitors will be amazed by the charm and poetic beauty of this island with wild nature scenery, mountain cliffs set up … In addition, visitors will be enthralled by the green grasslands or admire the ancient ruins like ancient stone houses with traditional Philippine arch.

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